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The Fine Print
We guarantee we will deliver the expected food in the correct quantity to the right venue on time.
We will have sufficient staff as agreed. We need to know as much as possible about your dreams, plans and hopes.
We try to get it right the first time. If we don’t, please let us know promptly so we can fix it.
Superior Catering has fed many happy Toledans in lots of interesting and unusual settings. We can make recommendations as to venue, days, dates, times and many other services besides just feeding you well.
Ways To Pay
Superior Catering proudly accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for all your purchases.
Personal checks and small unmarked bills are also acceptable.
Corporate Purchase Orders work well.
Our deposit requirements vary depending on the venue, the type of party, the quantity and types of food, the timing, the number of guests and anything else we need to consider like permits, rentals and security.

Good Reviews
“Dear Superior Catering:
Thanks for ruining my party for me.
I am a perpetual worry-wart, and all night I kept waiting for that dish to break and clatter, that guest to slip on some sloppy mishandled food, running out of that yummy roast beef, a surly comment from your staff and a host of other problems I can only imagine.
You let me down. Nothing happened. Everyone ate well. Except me.
You even showed up on time.
Thanks a lot.
Wendy S. Gerber
Disappointed Hostess

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